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June 4, 2020
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Choose an Algoma Hammock to Enjoy your Lazy Summer Days

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There is no better way to enjoy a summer day than relaxing in a hammock. Hammocks have been around for a long time, and because of this, so have some of the companies that make them. One of the more established hammock companies in the country today is Algoma Net Company out of Algoma, Wisconsin, where all of their products are made in the USA.

Algoma boasts having been in business during three centuries. They were established over 100 years ago, starting up in the late 1800's. This means that they have had plenty of time to develop the finest design in hammocks and other outdoor products on the market today. Their products are well known and recognized for their value, quality and style. According to Algoma, their commitment is to provide their customer's with "the best relaxation under the sun".

Algoma hammocks come in a variety of styles. You can get a rope hammock, fabric or quilted hammock, as well as hammock chairs and specialty hammocks. Let's take a quick look at each of these categories.

Rope Hammocks - you can get a rope hammock in either 11' or 13' foot lengths, made out of polyester or cotton, single or double sized. All have hardwood spreader bars, outdoor plated hardware and polyester rope clews (these are standard on all of their hammocks). They all have a minimum weight limit of 300 pounds, and higher for a double hammock.

Fabric Hammocks - These great hammocks are also either 11' or 13' long and made out of weather resistant spun polyester. One great feature of these hammocks is that they have a non-tilt sculptured pocket design, helping solve the main problem that many people face when lying down on a hammock, tipping out. One of my favorite things about this style are the great variety of colors and patterns available. From solids to stripes and patterns, earth tones to bright spring and summer colors. Something for everybody.

Quilted Hammocks - These trendy hammocks are also made of weather resistant fabric with inner poly quilting and a bolster, making them really comfy. They are heavy duty, designed to hold up to 500 lbs, and all are 13' long. These also come in a variety of colors, and the rope clews are colored to match the hammock. Some of these are also reversible, with different fabrics on each side of the hammock bed. You can hang the hammock with either side up.

Hammock Chairs - these are in a class of their own, designed for one person to enjoy the hammock experience while in a sitting position. You can get one of these in rope, or padded fabric with rope rope clews and a hardwood spreader. You can hang one of these handy chairs from a covered porch or on a special chair stand.

Specialty Hammocks - their two main specialty hammocks Algoma makes are the Caribbean hammock and a foldaway hammock. The Caribbean hammock is made of a tight weave golden brown soft polyester rope, so tight that though made of rope, it almost looks like a fabric. The other is a foldaway hammock and stand combo, great for taking your hammock with you when camping.

Regardless of what type of hammock you prefer: rope, fabric or quilted, Algoma Net Company probably has one that suits your needs, preferences and lifestyle. Check them out early so that you can enjoy one all summer long.


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