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September 25, 2020
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Four Top Ways To Enjoy Jerky

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Whatever type of jerky you like, you would have to admit that it tastes so much better when you open the package and see an attractive piece of meat rather than an unappetizing piece of shrivelled dry meat that you might not even feed to a starving dog! Did you know that jerky is now available from companies that guarantee superior cuts of meat and that there are a whole host of new flavors to try? One of the most popular snacks in America, beef jerky is now even readily available online. Here are some suggestions on how to find great tasting jerky as well as an idea about the flavors that are available:

## Beef Jerky with a Difference!

Beef jerky needn't be tough and chewy anymore and there are some great brands out there that offer high quality beef cuts ensuring your jerky is appealing to eat. Many cheaper brands offer low quality jerky that looks as unappealing as it tastes and finding a company that offers you the chance to but beef jerky online is a great way to see the product before you buy as they often include pictures of the product on the website. Don't settle for leftovers in your jerky --- demand more!

## What is Venison Jerky?

When it comes to jerky there is no need to stick with the usual beef flavor because there are many great options out there to try! Beef jerky is a popular flavor and there is no doubt that it is one of the best but here are few other meats that are used for jerky: beef jerky flavour, pork jerky flavor , venison jerky flavor , elk jerky flavour, turkey jerky flavor or buffalo jerky flavour.

## Turkey Jerky

Turkey is a popular type of jerky meat and this is available in a range of spices and flavorings. Turkey is a healthy meat and anyone looking to consume a healthier option should check out turkey jerky. Turkey jerky is a good choice for kids and jerky can be eaten anywhere from a trip to the park or shops through to a camping holiday or ball game. The ease of jerky is just one part of its attraction and the taste is the other!

## Jerky Flavors

Jerky comes in a range of meats but it also comes in a range of flavors which vary depending on how the meat is prepared and cooked. Some choose hot and spicy options while others prefer smoked or sweetened and it's important to note that jerky shouldn't be too dry or too tough. Here are some of the more popular ways to flavor jerky: sweet, spicy, pepper, salt, honey, BBQ, cherry maple smoked, oak smoked, smoked.


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