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November 14, 2020
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How to Choose a Green Hosting Company

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Because people care more about nature and environment nowadays, there is an increase in "green" products, as well as green hosting options. But which one is better for you? What does a green hosting company do? What should you look for while choosing a green hosting option? I'll discuss these questions with you with this short article.

The first and the most obvious problem with normal hosting companies are, they use lots of electricity. And since a good amount of the "normal" electricity power used is generated using fossil fuels, that energy use contributes to many problems ranging from Global Warming to environmental pollution due to mining and extraction, dependency on foreign oil and even having to fight wars for oil. Therefore, the first thing a "green" hosting company does is to power their servers, coolers, offices etc using "green electricity". Green electricity is generated using renewable resources, mostly using wind turbines and solar panels. Sometimes biomass, biogas, or geothermal methods can also be used to generate "green electricity". All of your green hosting options should at least include a way to use renewable energy.

The most convenient way to use renewable electricity is to purchase "Renewable Energy Certificates", or REC's for short. Most of the green hosting options use REC's for using green electricity. The problem with buying electricity from the grid without purchasing REC's is, as mentioned above, most of the electricity in the grid comes from nonrenewable resources. Since you cannot track the source of electricity once it enters the national power grid, you cannot choose to buy only green electricity from the grid. Therefore the renewable energy companies produce two products at the same time. One of them is, obviously, the electricity they generate and sell to the grid. Second one is, the certificate of the green electricity they produce. The green hosting companies can then buy these certificates, in addition to the electricity they buy from the grid, and therefore they can rightfully claim to use green electricity without building another power grid. Most green hosting options choose this method, because it is the most convenient one, with low up-front costs and a little increase in electricity costs.

And that takes us to the second option with green electricity. Some green hosting options choose generating their own electricity, mostly using their own solar panels or wind turbines. This is a more direct approach, and makes more financial sense for the green hosting company in the long run. Because the wind turbines and solar panels have pay for themselves by electricity generated in 5 years, and an economic life of 25 years or more, it is more feasible in the long run. This is a more direct way of generating green electricity for a hosting company, and has more startup costs.

There are many other things some green hosting options offer other than running their servers and air conditioners on green renewable electricity (although this is probably the most important). Some hosting companies buy more REC's than the electricity they consume, therefore compensating some of the damage done in the past too. Some companies not only run their servers and coolers on green energy, but also all their offices. Some go to further lengths to decrease their energy consumption, like promoting telecommuting of the workers not to waste energy for unnecessary transportation.

Energy is not the only thing that green hosting options provide either. Most green hosting companies provide hosting for non profit organizations free, like environmental groups, peace initiatives etc. Therefore, they are using some more of their resources to provide support for worthy causes.

Some other green hosting options include planting a tree on your behalf. A tree has many benefits to the environment, and is popular among nature lovers. There are also many non profit organizations who will plant a tree for a very low cost, so it makes sense for the green hosting company too. Some green hosting options also state that, a percentage of the money you pay is going to GreenPeace (or any other organization they support). Some green hosting companies also actively promote environmental campaigns to all active webmasters, to increase online awareness and support them.

So there are many green hosting options available to you, and you can choose any of them to fit your own style. But remember that, all the green hosting options should also include great hosting, and you're still getting a hosting deal. Also consider your requirements for budget, guaranteed uptime, bandwidth, disk space, customer support and anything else that is important to satisfy your hosting needs.


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